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Meet Stephanie

I love helping business owners tackle the hard stuff with ease...

My entrepreneurial adventure has taken many twists and turns since I left the corporate business world & launched my own business in 2017.  
I was first intrigued by the idea of a work-at-home business model when I became completely burnt out from trying to balance a demanding career and motherhood.
I started with blogging, explored an MLM, taught social media marketing, built a profitable YouTube channel, and even launched business coaching programs & courses.
Basically, I’ve done a little bit of everything!
I’ve learned from my own first-hand experience what really works in online business & what is unnecessary or just hype.  I’ve spent thousands of hours taking courses, working with my own coaches, and enrolling in programs. 
I’ve dug in deep to learn as much as possible so I could ensure I am sharing nothing but the best with my clients.
My 20 years in brick & mortar businesses, computer engineering experience, and online coaching knowledge & skills have helped me to provide the highest quality services for my clients that not only gets them results, but also gives them the clarity, confidence & ability to do it on their own as well.
I can teach you how to do it.  Even the most non-techy business owners have been able to confidently build complete digital empires with my help.
I’ve built my business on solid relationships.  Not only will I be an invested partner in your business’s success, I will help you put relationships first in your business too.  I believe they are the not-so-secret “secret” strategy.
I am a results-driven leader.  The bottom-line matters in business & I am committed to making sure my clients reach their goals, whatever it takes.  I am not only tuned into the latest business trends, I’ve also extensively studied & implemented tried & true business practices that have been proven to work over & over again.

I've taken everything I have learned over the past 2 decades in both corporate & online business and applied what I know into the highest quality services and most impactful strategies. I've helped my clients to...

Go from Zero High-Ticket Clients to 7 in just 3 months
Go from brand new to 3 clients in just 2 months
Get booked for speaking, workshops, & seminars
Finally have their first 4 & 5-figure months
Streamline their systems & save hundreds each month
And even double their annual revenue

Ready to step into the digital business world with confidence?

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