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Democratizing Fulfillment

Our Mission

Large online marketplaces like Amazon have trained consumers to expect products delivered to their doorsteps within 1-2 days at no extra cost.

As a result, millions of sellers on other marketplaces are falling behind, unable to cost-effectively deliver products to their customers within 1-2 days.

Our mission is to enable any seller, regardless of size, to delight their customers with fast and cost-effective fulfillment.


Our Mission

Our team of software engineers, operations experts and customer champions have decades of experience building and operating some of the most complex logistics systems today for leading companies like Amazon and Uber. We are leveraging cutting-edge machine learning and optimization technology to build a smart fulfillment network, enabling anyone, anywhere to offer fast and cost-effective delivery.

Our Investors & Advisors


Oberndorf Ventures


Ryan Petersen

CEO & Founder, Flexport


Shan-Lyn Ma

CEO & Founder, Zola


Joe Kaziukėnas

CEO, Marketplace Pulse

Deliverr in the Press


“To power these Prime-like delivery options, Walmart, eBay and the Canadian e-commerce business Shopify are relying on Deliverr.”



“Inspired by the FBA model, Deliverr set about creating a technology-based platform that offers flat fulfillment pricing to sellers, and a nationwide network of warehouses that can guarantee two-day delivery.”



“Deliverr uses predictive algorithms to tell sellers where to stock their goods to be within two days of potential buyers.”

The Wall Street Journal

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