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Our Vacancies

We are looking to employ another awesome team member, skilled in light fabrication with a range of knowledge and experience in all metals. Experience working with soft metals and experience in finishing techniques would also be required. The job will likely involve times of high pressure and occasionally long hours to get projects completed on time. That being said, we’re convinced there’s no better team, nor better rewarding workplace than ours! Get in touch for more info.

Contract Fabricators

We are looking for a part-time fabricator committed to offering +/-20 hours a week in contract labor. We will guarantee a certain amount of hours per week based on your needs and availability but may require more if you are able. The ideal skills required are the same as the above job opportunity. The projects are all different but each one a remarkable and rewarding masterpiece. Care and passion for the job are essential! Contact us today to prevent missing out on this amazing opportunity.

Image by Glenn Hansen
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