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Aanchal Gupta

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I am a first-year Engineering Management graduate student at San Jose State University. I did my undergraduate studies from Louisiana State University (LSU) and received my bachelor's in science in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration. 

After finishing my undergraduate studies, I worked at Pivotal (Palo Alto, CA) as a Technical Writer for their Knowledge Base. In my role, I was responsible for creating, distributing, and editing software support articles. I worked with various customer engineers who helped me learn how to work with recurring issues and assist developers with their implementations. I worked at Roku as a Technical Writer as well. There I documented Roku's programming language, BrightScript and created templates for documenting the unique API structure that BrightScript supports. I also created sample applications and channels to test the development process and method, and create newsletters and blog posts highlighting the Roku Developer Program. 

Recently I worked at PayPal as a Technical Writer for their Issuance and Tokenization platform. Here I worked with raw content from subject matter experts and architects to produce API documentation for a technical audience. I also worked with developers to provide samples of API reference documentation, including JSON response samples and curl commands. At my job at LSU, I was responsible for the school's Software Distribution Website. As the administrator of this website, I uploaded new software, updated old software, handled licensing, and product keys. Moreover, I tracked downloads and helped customers out with installation and errors through support articles (GROK), amongst others. 

Along with writing, I am well versed with the following technical skills: XML, HTML, Java, JavaScript, CSS, Markdown, JSON, SQL, Microsoft VBA, Visio, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Git, Gitlab, Github, Confluence, Invision, JIRA, BitBucket, Visual Studio, SharePoint, and more. 

Apart from school and work, I am a cinephile. Watching and learning about movie history interests me immensely. I am a fan of the golden era Hollywood classics. Lately, I have been trying to finish watching all the movies on the various American Film Institute lists. So far, I have seen 140 out of 400 of these movies. Once over the winter break, I managed to watch 60 movies within two weeks. Movies, television, visual stories, in general, are very inspiring and captivating to me.  

I like the work when it is diverse and not monotonous. I love meeting new people and organizing events and hosting them as well. For me, content management is a way to explore my interests further and learn more about the business and a company. A professional environment is what motivates me, and helps me learn more about myself and my capabilities. 

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